Saturday, October 22, 2011


I've been gone quite awhile. It's Q4 in the retail world which means I'm slammed at work. And, we have been in Hawaii - Kona and Kauai to be exact. Oh, how I wish I were still there!!!

Below are a several pictures from our Hawaii trip.

I'm trying to get back into the whole outfit posting thing. I don't know if I'll be able to keep up with this blog much longer as I have a family blog I need to manage first, and that's barely happening right now. We shall see. Until that decision, I leave you with - 

Anthropologie top & cardigan, GAP jeans, Frye boots

 My cutie patootie with a poutie face going on
Boden dress, Little English top, Target boots

snapshot while in GAP

We went to Anthropologie today to return a skirt and my intentions were good - no plans to look at much and no plans to try on anything. Well, it started with running into the Nicoleta Blouse I was eyeing last night on their I grabbed it. Then I stopped by the sale rack and thought I'd try on this mustard jacket. And, since I still have not tried on the Noon & Night dress, I grabbed that, too.

 I'm not sure what this jacket's name is and don't see it on the site. It was super comfy, I loved the color, but the $69.95 sale price was a bit hefty when there are other items on my wishlist I want more. Pass.

 Nicoleta Blouse. In love! I'm on the hunt for a light, solid button-up blouse I can pair with skirts and jeans. However, I wasn't going to pay more than $50 for one that was plain jane and boring. I love the yoke neckline and ruffles. I really wanted it in ivory to pair with some of my skirts, but they didn't have my size. But, I fell in love with the blouse in Orange and decided to pay full price for it. I wish it were a little longer but it will be perfect to tuck in to higher waisted skirts. Going Home.

Thank goodness my birthday is next month. I will be bringing home the Noon & Night dress. I love how it has a little stretch in it. It is unbelievably comfortable and super cute on. I didn't take any pics because the orange Nicoleta blouse underneath was an eyesore:) Shoot, if I don't wear the top I bought before 11/1, I'm taking it back to get the 15% off on it.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of  your weekend. We might be heading to a pumpkin patch tomorrow if the weather cooperates!

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