Saturday, May 14, 2011

If Anthro Were to Have a Red Tag Sale...

I would be looking for savings on - 


I tried this on and it's really cute.

To my husband and checking account's delight, I'm actually not dying for too many items.

New items I like:
I think this could be a year round dress. Just throw on a cardi and tights in the winter to have a top/skirt look.

This skirt screams summer. Would be a nice addition to my closet:)

 I love the watercolor sash

A nice summer staple to have
Love the pattern

I love the fiery red color and the crisscross back. Would be cute with white jeans or tucked into a solid colored skirt.

Super cute tucked in a skirt

What do you think? What are you eyeing sale or new?


  1. o.k. i now am going to try to post for the fourth time! i thought of you when i was on the antho site and saw the from the center caftan, the gauzy tiers skirt, and the night and day dress. what about that???