Monday, May 30, 2011

May Birchbox

Happy Memorial Day! We just got back from Chicago visiting family and I'm this will be quick. I'm WAY behind on posting my May birchbox - partly because I'm super busy and the other because I wasn't too excited about this one.

Birchbox was celebrating Mom for the month of May with products that "will always be in style" as the card says. Below is what I received:

Stila eyeshadow in Dune - We all know that Stila makes great beauty products so I'll give this one a whirl. Not sure if this color will be a good fit for me though.

Bulgari Mon Jasmin Noir fragrance - I'm not a fan of perfume and really not a fan of this fragrance. Too strong for moi!

Archipelago Pomegranate soap - I love Archipelago candles so I'm sure I'll like this soap.

AHAVA Mineral hand cream - This is the only product I have tried thus far and I really like it. I used it in the car in Chicago and the boys said it smelled like baby wipes, haha! The girls disagreed - we couldn't put our fingers on it, but it reminded us of a fragrant flower we've all smelled while walking in our neighborhoods. And, my skin was super soft after using it.

Tiny Prints thank notecard - I am obsessed with Tiny Prints and have used them for years - from Christmas cards to birth announcements and birthday invitations. You can't go wrong with them and since I am out of stationary, I need to check out their site soon and order up!

And, my favorite product from my April Birchbox is...

This stuff is amazing! I love the lemony scent and it makes your skin feel sooooo soft after use. I feel like I'm scrubbing lemon mixed with sugar when I use this (I actually think those are the two main ingredients). And, I try not to change my facial product routine so I don't breakout, but even when I did using this product, no breakouts! This cleanser is awesome! Highly recommend it and I think I might buy the full size jar of this.

I can't believe May is officially over. This year is flying by.
 Hey June!

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