Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fun Find - Bedding

Let's face it - my bedding is right at the 5 year mark and boy, has it been through a lot! For over a month now, I've been telling myself to buy new bedding. I picked out several Antropologie quilts I loved but never pulled the purchasing trigger because they have to be dry cleaned. With a child who spills milk on it daily, I need something that can be machine washed. My current bedding is West Elm - very modern and obviously great quality. And, it has been put through the ringer. I've washed it so many times that it's now ripped....let me remind you, ripping after 5 years of wear and tear!!

Anyway, I love yellow and I have a green bedroom. I first found this duvet on sale and thought it was the one. Well, after waiting a month to purchase, one of the sham sizes needed are no longer available. 


My impulse buy for the night -

And all for a whopping $139! Not bad, huh?!

This can be yours, too.

Organic Flower Market Duvet + Shams


  1. Gorgeous and it's organic too. We need new bedding and West Elm sounds perfect!

  2. Annabelle: You'll love it! We're really happy with it...and a steal!