Saturday, April 9, 2011

How Cute! - Gussy Sews

I stumbled across this website while reading some of the blogs I follow. Gussy Sews carries ruffled accessories, from totes and make-up bags to diaper/wipe wristlets and kindle cases. These products are hand-crafted and I just love the fun patterns and ruffles! I have to say my favorite right now is the diaper and wipe wristlet. I am not a diaper bag carrier and this wristlet fits 5 diapers, some wipes, and it even has room for extra items such as ointment and pacis.

My newest want:
 Diaper and wipe wristlet - $32

And, I know Ella Grace will want this. How cute is this little purse!
Girl Purse - $21

Whether you're looking for something for yourself or a handmade gift, Gussy Sews has a lot of cute options to chose from!

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