Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pinterest Finds - FOOD!

I piddle around on Pinterest every now and then and although I haven't created any boards yet, I've saved so many links of fun things I've found. Today's subject - FOOD! Below are some appetizer and dessert items I'm going to have to try.

I heart tomatoes.
I heart cheese.
And, I'm starting to like bread more and more everyday.
Mexican dishes are my fave.
Nothing is better than Guac and chips.
Anything with Guac + being prepared in a little muffin shape=awesome! 

And, now we move to desserts. Have I mentioned I love desserts? If sweets didn't kill me, I would eat them for every meal, every day of my life!

About a month ago, as I was sitting in the chair chatting with my hairdresser about Easter candy, we both came to the consensus that I love all things marshmellow. 
That's probably why I fell in love with the picture below.
I definitely want to make these. They remind me of s'mores.

Coconut is the best.
I know my Mom is going to drool over these when she sees this. 

I love mousse desserts.
Nothing is better than finishing off dinner with what feels like a light dessert. I can walk away without feeling 1000 lbs.


I haven't tried any of these yet but if you fall in love with any and do, let me know!

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