Monday, July 11, 2011

What A Weekend - Summer Fest Edition

We were so busy this weekend! Our neighborhood had it's 3 day Summer Fest. It is so nice to be 1 block away from all the festivities, especially carnival food (hehe). I'll share with you my weekend attire through this Summer Fest edition.

On Saturday after running errands, including my favorite place Tarjay, we headed to the festival. Ella enjoyed the Kids Area which included riding the saucer ride (what is this darn thing called? I just think of Disneyland's teacups), the bouncy house, chair swing, and eating ice cream and cotton candy. We actually hit up the fair twice - 1 mid afternoon run through and then for dinner. Did I mention the philly cheesesteak was delic?!

 Riding the saucer thing with her Dad
 Dancing to the local band's tunes

What I'm wearing:
GAP tee
Free People skirt
Banana Republic sandals

 A little bouncy house action

She loves my new wristlet. I bragged about how I was lusting this puppy here. Well, I finally bought it and love it! Etsy buy from lireca - visit store here.
 And, of course, ice cream....oh, we're on to Sunday now (hence the outfit change). Yes, we went back again!
  This was her favorite!
 I finally got that corn dog and mango lemonade I wanted (not pictured:)).

What I'm wearing:
GAP jeans
Diana Warner earrings, David Yurman bracelet, Steve Madden shades
Can't see but have on red skinny belt and Anthro sandals:)

I snagged these cute earrings from a local artist. I've bought earrings from him in the past and was so glad he was back this year.

I also planted some flowers. I LOVE flowers!! If I had the patience I would plant tons more in our tiny flower beds...maybe next month.

And, lost but not least, I made the mallows! Yep! 

Was it easy? No.  

Why, you ask? Too many drawn out steps like "let mixture mix for 15 minutes," "let mixture sit for 2 hours," "make sure each marshmallow square is covered in the cornstarch/powdered sugar mixture on all sides," and "sit on a cake rack overnight". What is a cake rack? I used the rack in our micowave! Sure did, took that baby out, washed it, and put every single marshmallow on there to dry...overnight!

Are they good? YES!!! Very sweet though. I can only have 2 and feel sick and we all know, I can usually handle my sugar.

Would you do it again? Haven't decided yet. It's not a complicated process but it takes too long!

Ok, I'm done talking now. How was your weekend? Was it eventful?

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