Saturday, June 25, 2011


I had a really, really, really hard personal training class this morning. Usually, I have my sidekick, Sylvia, with me to endure the torture with but she got stuck in traffic (Rock N Roll Marathon was in Seattle this morning) so she didn't make it. I knocked on my trainer's door and was greeted with "it's just me and you today." I immediately replied "oh really? great!"...very sarcastically, I might add. 

Anyway, I'll just keep it short and sweet - it involved numerous, TORTUROUS sprints up huge, steep hills. My lungs hurt, I felt like I was just running in place as I stared at that finish line in the distance, and I pretty much let him know I hated it. BUT, I will say, I like the torture because you feel so good after a hard workout, even if you end the session with your legs elevated because you're so light headed:) So with that, I leave you with my favorite workout attire. 

I HEART lululemon. It's all I wear other than my favorite Nike running shorts. Super comfy, the styles are cut in all the right ways to show off your figure and great patterns and colorful solids. This is my go-to attire for working out, hip hopping around town, and most of all, traveling! If you don't own anything lulu, I highly recommend you try it out. It is relatively pricey but worth it. I still wear tops I bought 4 years ago!

 I can't remember what this jacket is called but it has a hood, thumbholes, and is one of their best sellers. I have several of these and love them!!

Cute patterns. Reverse side is all black.

I apologize now for any of you who get hooked. It's an addicting brand, expensive, but well worth it if you wear your lulu attire all the time like I do. 

Happy getting into trouble!

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  1. I <3 lululemon! There are two locations within walking distance from me, soooo tempting everytime I go by. Just a little pricey, for a college budget.