Tuesday, June 21, 2011

OOTD - A Goldfield Kind of Day

That is - to wear the Goldfield skirt. Seattle weather was at an all-time high for the year - 76 degrees! Woo hoo! My kind of weather! So, I considered it to be the perfect day to wear my newly coveted skirt. I sent my Mom on a search for this skirt when it was on sale a few weeks ago. She found it at our hometown store in Germantown, TN and I paid a whopping $32 for it (orignally $148). That's a steal, huh?!

Banana Republic wedges

And, speaking of Palabra Designs, I love this jewelry. I'm a huge fan of handmade stuff, hence my Etsy addiction. Karen is super talented and even better, she's a friend of my Mom's and from my hometown (so I can brag about her even more!). You should check out her Facebook page. Here are some of my favorites! She has tons of cute stuff!

 And, for my Germantown friends, she now sells her jewelry at Bella Vita!

Enjoy the rest of your night!


  1. Great outfit! I just picked up that skirt too. And I am loving the weather today...finally some sun!

  2. I like the goldfield paired with the pink, unexpected but cheerful.

  3. had to zoom in to see that the tee was striped. LOVE the combination!!!

  4. The tee and skirt are lovely together! What an awesome mom you have to hunt that skirt down for you.

  5. Love it! Glad you featured Karen's jewelry. Love her necklaces,bracelets and earrings.

  6. Love the Print Play! I would have never guessed the Floral would look great with the Striped Tee.