Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Birchbox

 August Theme: Innovation/Science Break-throughs

What I received:

WEI™ Tibetan Chrysanthemum correcting eye treatment pads: These are supposed to be glorified cucumbers for your eyes pre-soaked with herbal ingredients used to reduce puffiness and dark circles. I haven't tried these yet.

 blinc Eyeliner in Black: This eyeliner was pretty cool. However, inexperienced make-up people like myself - all I can say is BEWARE!!! This is a liquid eyeliner that is basically tattooed to your eyelid when applied. It really does not flake off all day long which I thought was pretty amazing. And, just as the packaging promises, it literally peels off with a little warm water and finger pressure. So, the night after I wore it on my eyelids, I was bored while my little was taking a bath and thought I would try to apply it to my lower half. BAD IDEA. I did pretty well with one eye but completely screwed up on the other, and my entire eye turned black from the eyeliner getting in it. Not cool! Plus, I'm not big on applying liquid eyeliner or mascara, for that matter, on my lower half because I feel I look a little gothic. It's just so harsh looking on someone who wears very little make-up. And, I prefer a black brown color over jet black. Eek! All and all, good product. I did notice I had a little residue in the corner of my eyes by night but unsure if that was from the mishap so I'll give it 5 stars for now.

Carol's Daughter® Monoi Repairing Hair Mask: This is a hair mask made with Tahitian Monoi Oil to treat damaged hair. I haven't tried it yet.

Pangea Organics Cleanser for Oily to Combination Skin: One item I'm tired of receiving from Birchbox is facial cleanser. I prefer less options and don't like to apply all sorts of products on my face. It just causes break-outs. I tried this one once and it smells just like the toner I received a few months back. Good stuff but just over the facial cleanser samples.

These are pretty cool. I'm a hair tie/ponytail holder junkie. I always have a least one on my wrist. Yes, it sometimes cuts off my wrist circulation and yes, they always leave a crease in my thin hair. What's nice about the Twistband hair tie is that it doesn't leave creases, no circulation issues, and they are a little cuter than the Goody ponytail holders I use. I've used it once and don't think I wrapped it around my hair enough times because it fell out shortly after. I love the gym and love wearing ponytails so if it can stay in my hair for a long period of time and outlast my gym routines, they might be my go to's in the future.

My favorite product from July?

 This stuff is so fun to use on your cheeks to give them that dewy, sheer look those Victoria's Secret models have (hehe). That's all I've used it for and I really love it!

That's it for August!

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