Thursday, August 11, 2011


"Simple" has always been my style. I'm not one for heavy accessorization - never have been, and definitely won't be now that I have a child. Nothing is worse than having your necklace pulled on and broken or your earring almost being ripped out of your ear. Summer is my season, which cries simple due to warmer temps, and I'm not a fan of layers. Don't get me wrong, I love jewelry, shoes, belts, scarves, etc but I'm pretty picky. 

Case in point, for jewelry, I'd rather invest in really nice, timeless pieces such as my David Yurman bracelet, Palabra necklaces, pearl earrings, and wedding ring/bands (who am I kidding, they were all gifted, hehe) but I wear these items, minus the earrings, 24/7. They never come off. And, when I wear costume jewelry, I like to invest in pieces I know will last a long time, especially items from places like Banana Republic, Diana WarnerAnthro, and handmade items from Palabra Designs, festivals I've attended, or Etsy. And, yes I love shoes, but I'm not technically a shoe person. I think you either are or you aren't. That's not the department I run for when I'm out shopping if you know what I mean. BUT, I'm getting better about adding a little bit more of accessories as they add a nice touch to outfits (that's where you readers come in with all your great outfits/ideas).

Bottom line, I want to be comfortable and have my own style, yet always look put together, even on the weekends.  I think that's really important from head to toe because 1) you feel good when you look nice and 2) I think you're more respected, especially on the job. Anyway, I'll get off my tangent. Below is what I wore today - simple, comfy, but tried to not be completely boring by adding a mustard colored braided belt and aqua and mustard earrings to jazz things up a bit.

Banana Republic skirt, belt; GAP Sheer Yoke tee; Anthropologie Dearie Me wedges

Oh, and is it Friday yet? What a week!

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