Monday, August 29, 2011

This Is What Happens...

When you sit in the car for too long while your hubs is finding somewhere to print off concert tickets on the way to the show...we need to purchase a printer!

So, this is what I wore - Anthropologie Graphical Dress, Dolce Vita sandals, aqua stone necklace (gifted), Palabra Designs necklace, and earrings (local festival find).

 Me in this dress back in Oct 2010 at my sister's wedding. Aren't her friends cute?!  
(this is to give you a "fuller" view)

Anyway, fast forward again back to last weekend. We went to the Ben Harper show on Saturday. It was sooo good! I've seen him at various venues and he never gets old. It was a beautiful night, an intimate setting, with evergreens surrounding the amphitheater and lots of stars in the sky. Fun times!

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