Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Flowy #

Today, was a busy day. It started with a kick butt training class, then my little and I were off to a 3 year old birthday party. From there, we went downtown and checked out the latest and greatest at GAP and Anthropologie. I ended up picking up this and am really eyeing the following for fall:

 with the Sea Whims Tunic underneath

The Alchemilla Tee was cute, too.

And, so was the Drape & Twist Tee.
One more...the Bojagi Pullover.

Of course, I didn't try any of them on because I had a 2 year old with me wanting to touch everything and a big headache!

OH! And, I just have to mention that I went into Forever 21 today - a 3 story one. I will never do that again! Screeching loud music, millions of people, and so much apparel it makes your head spin (hence the headache) = a BIG no thank you for me! Believe it or not, I am not a shopper and I absolutely despise browsing racks of clothes. But, I can find some awesome stuff and spend money in no time. My routine goes like this:

- Research every item I like and might want to try on.
- Go to store and pull those items.
- Make one round around the store to ensure I didn't miss anything.
- Only one dressing room massare is allowed.
- All of the above needs to be done in 30 minutes but no more than 45.
- And, I can do all of the above and create massive damage.

So, for all of you who I have seen with a cute number from Forever 21....I admire you!!! But, it's just not for me.

And to what I wore today - I was be bopping around in this flowy number:

Free People
Banana Republic sandals

Time to hit the hay!

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